Blue Flower

Our Clients

Some of our clients both past and present include:

City of St. Petersburg, FL
Hillsborough County, FL
Securities Training Institute
Appliance Center
Bingo King
Franklin Templeton Group
University of South Florida, FL
GCA Staffing
Career College of Northern Nevada, NV
Southern Tile
Meridian Realty & Investments, Inc.
West Coast Brace & Limb
Wheel ReInvention
William P. Gregory Law Office
Florida Department of Juvenile Justice
Robert Allen Foster Jr. Law Office
Tampa Vacuum
Schede Ecological Associates
St. Lawrence Parish
College of Medicine USF, FL
Gibbons Tucker Law Office

Luks., Koleos & Santaniello
St. Petersburg Times
Richard Escobar Law Office
Seamco Laboratories
Best Start Social Marketing
Frank and Gramlings Law Office
Advanced Cable Connection
Seffner Elementary
Quality Suites Hotel
PTT International Inc
Entre Computers
Global Research & Development
Lindell Honda
ProFiles, Inc.
Dr. James Hartfield
B&H Construction
MacDill AFB Special Command
MacDill AFB Central Command
Pinellas County School Board, FL
Jamaican Board of Tourism
Jamaican Air
Jamaican Bed and Breakfast Association


Corporations for Non-U.S. Residents

Growth Control Group has formed & helped manage hundreds of corporations for foreigners and residents of countries outside of the United States.

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Bookkeeping & Accounting

Growth Control Group (GCGI) provides comprehensive accounting and finance outsource services to small and mid-size companies allowing owners and/or senior management more time to focus on the growth of their business.

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Expertise & Technology

Why choose Growth Control Group as your business team member? Leveraging technology and our business process expertise, we provide design, development, implementation, operation and continuous improvement of both business and accounting functions.

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