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Google has become the giant by simply providing a superior service and creating innovative marketing products that even George Orwell couldn’t think of. The search engine’s algorithmic science for providing the most relevant search results has made them one of the most trusted search engines and forced companies to provide quality information on their websites in order to compete. Top SEO firm, New Media Technology has achieved top Google rankings for many of its clients by learning the science behind the Giant’s system and implementing only white hat techniques that can’t be rivaled with “quick fixes”.

Design with a Purpose

Flash websites with pretty images and hi tech graphics became obsolete as soon as the SEO world learned that content was the determining factor for higher search engine rankings and flash was seen as just one big image. Google’s job is to provide the internet viewer with the most relevant and informative websites pertinent to the search query.


Content layout and SEO tactics need to be the cornerstones of your website’s design and development from day one. Your website must be laid out in a logical fashion where the content can be indexed and located very easily by the viewer. It is crucial to build out a strategic hierarchy of content that is logical and can grow over time. Your ultimate goal should be to design a site which each page is indexed in the search engines for a viable search term.

Go Natural

Everyone seems to be going green these days, jumping on the all natural, organic band wagon and the same goes for Search Engine Optimization. The great debate between paid search engine results vs. natural rankings has been argued for some time but the long term benefits of natural SEO have proven to yield better results. While earning the natural one position entails a tremendous amount of work the great thing is that once you achieve rankings, competitors have to do the same amount of work you did to get there.


By ranking number one naturally, you won’t have to worry about maintaining adword campaigns or throwing thousands of dollars out the door each month for paid advertising that may never convert.

Become an Authority

Content, Content, Content! If you want to dominate your industry and become number 1 naturally on Google then you want to be viewed as an authority. Not only do you want consumers to come to your site for products and services but you also want to become a trusted information source.


By building out a comprehensive site that includes detailed information on keyword rich landing pages, you are helping to build credibility, while at the same time, giving your visitors additional reasons to view your site. In addition to just the static content, a strong public relations effort also plays a large role in getting higher rankings. The most successful companies execute consistent content distribution campaigns with articles and press releases. This method allows your company to gain exposure on other sites and media outlets while helping to create text links that could potentially drive relevant traffic back to your landing pages.

Go after the low hanging fruit first

Earning top natural rankings on Google takes time and hard work, especially if you are in a competitive industry. Obtaining natural rankings is not an overnight feat, but there are ways to see results more quickly. When starting an SEO campaign you want to put together a strategic plan over a minimum of 6-12 months and target less competitive terms first. For example, say that you are looking to compete for the term "Landscape Architect" over the long term but you also want to target your local market with terms such as "Landscape Architect in Florida" and various less competitive terms that may be easier to achieve rankings for. Depending on your industry, you may also want to drill down to cities, neighborhoods and other specifics.


While those less competitive terms may not be searched as frequently they are more likely to convert and will take less time to earn top rankings for. Drilling down to your local and regional markets will help you see the fruits of your labor in a shorter amount of time.

Start Blogs

Because of the value that content has on the search engines, the Blogosphere has boomed over the last few years. If you are releasing a lot of keyword rich articles, a blog is another great place to publish. Create a blog for each of your most desired search terms and utilize it as a platform to publish articles relevant to the blog’s target term that can point links directly back to your website’s specific landing pages. This method is also a great way to release editorial opinions about your industry, build a readership and credibility for your company.

Don’t put 10lbs of stuff in a 5lb bag

SEO experts used to think that labeling the html tags on a site’s home page with as many search terms as possible would help their cause, this is no longer the case. Internet Marketing Consultant of NMT, Jason Rhodes utilizes a practical metaphor for his clients, “When setting up your tags, think of real estate. Think of the terms closest to the left side as ocean front real estate and the further to the right are the slums. You want to list your most important terms first, labeling your tags with only a few terms, trying to cram in too many will only hurt you.”

Build Roads to Your City

Think of your website as a final destination. Just like any city, you have to have roads and bridges built along with an infrastructure to get to that city and quality links provide just that. The days of link farms and exchanging links with any website that is not related to your industry are long gone. Reciprocal links are viewed as referrals. Google has become savvy to link baiting and only rewards quality, relevant text links. In addition to this you want to attract serious traffic to your site by getting them from other relevant locations. For example, if you are in the luxury travel industry you will want to link with travel related news sources, blogs, resorts and even tourism boards if at all possible. You wouldn’t want to link with a computer sales site or hurricane shutters.


The reality is that Google actually penalizes websites that have too many outbound links and also those with no relevant links pointing to them. Just like the mental exercises you did as a kid where you selected the item that didn’t belong, don’t place a link on your site that doesn’t belong because it will stick out like a sore thumb and really has no benefit despite page rank.


The most important thing to remember about Google is that it is always changing. If you are relying on published books for SEO for information, chances are that half of the techniques are obsolete by the time you read it. The best way to be successful in this industry is to keep in touch with other likeminded professionals, re-optimize occasionally, keep up with forums and networking groups and experiment at times. By following the tested methods above you will definitely see a drastic improvement in your website’s search engine rankings.

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